Rental Assistance

Attention Landlords and Tenants:

This information is being provided solely as a resource to you. This Court has no control over any of the organizations listed nor can it assist you with completing any forms or for that matter help you obtain any assistance. It is your responsibility to individually contact any agency offering covid-19 rental assistance and follow their guidelines and applications.

Additional information will be added to this website once provided to the judges. Compliance with the current CDC Moratorium requires that renters make reasonable efforts to pay rent. Failure to make these efforts could result in a tenant being evicted. Please act accordingly and if an eviction is filed, bring paperwork to court showing all efforts made to obtain or pay rent.

LEAP Forms

The Judges of the Lafayette City Court have been provided the following information from Lafayette Community Development. The attached forms have been provided to the court from LCD and are provided to your reference and use. The Court staff cannot assist in the completion of these forms. All questions should be directed to Lafayette Community Development or directly to the agencies.

SMILE application (Paper Applications can also be submitted):

Catholic Charites of Acadiana application (CCA only accepts online applications):

Attached are LEAP forms. Note, when submitting the "past due rent" form, landlords will also be required to submit a W-9.


LEAP Forms